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The translation of “Shiatsu” is “Finger pressure”. Shiatsu is not solely finger pressure though. The practitioner will also use palms, forearms, knees, feet, shins and thumbs.  By using Shiatsu on particular parts of the body, following meridian channel theory and pressure points along those channels, the practitioner aims to aid the body in rediscovering its natural energetic flow and therefore move back to a place of health and ease rather than dis-ease.


1 hour shiatsu = $100

1 hour shiatsu concession = $90

1 1/2 hour shiatsu = $135
1 1/2 hour shiatsu concession $120


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Other Modalities

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    Gua Sha

    Gua Sha or spooning:  A technique where a tool such as a spoon or coin is used to scrape the skin and remove stagnation.  This technique may leave discoloration and/or bruising on the treated area; this is normal and may last over a week.

  • transp_acupressure


    Acupressure: similar to acupuncture only using finger pressure, as apposed to needles, on pressure point along the body.

  • transp_cupping


    Cupping is a technique using glass cups that have been applied to the skin using heat (fire) or using a pump to create suction.  The skin will raise and often be discoloured and/or bruised, this is a normal response that may last over a week.  In this technique oil can be applied onto the skin.



Daniel Frankel

Just like any modern day city dweller I can well and truly appreciate the stresses of daily life and how easy it is to be too busy and to lose touch with one’s core. Shiatsu helps to restore your connection with yourself, by working on your body’s natural rhythm and by providing holistic care and complete client focus for an extended period.

In the Australian Shiatsu College I was trained in various diagnostic forms and  Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and acupoint theory. In my practice I employ my knowledge of acupoints throughout the body and use different techniques to activate them and restore the body’s energetic balance. After 8 years of practice i find that shiatsu mostly benefits people with circulation, mobility, fascia release, finding a sense of grounding and physical/emotional recalibration.

I am a member of the Shiatsu Therapists Association of Australia http://www.staa.org.au/ whose function is to ensure high standards of practice in this field, including compliance with high standards of client focused professional and ethical behavior.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to help you find your optimum level of balance.


During my pregnancy, I had regular shiatsu treatments with Dan. After each session I always felt very calm, relaxed and grounded. Physically, I felt fantastic throughout my pregnancy and I had a very smooth labor. I believe that shiatsu contributed to this positive experience. Shiatsu is a wonderful way to nurture your body and focus your energy in preparation for child birth and Dan is an amazing practitioner.  I will pursue with shiatsu for after birth recovery and future aid in achieving mind and body balance.
Anna B


I received shiatsu treatments from Daniel throughout my last pregnancy and do not hesitate to recommend him as a therapist. Daniel provides quality shiatsu with a relaxed, warm manner. He is a good listener, offering thoughtful diagnosis as well as practical health advice. Treat yourself!

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Daniel Frankel
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Private health rebates available
Please give at least 24 hour’s notice for cancellation of an appointment or a $20 fee applies.
The modalities of treatment I use are fully explained to and discussed with the client. No treatment is performed without the client’s consent.
Please wear pants and loose comfortable clothing.